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About love in portofino
love in portofino - specialized in high quality fabrics.
fabrics produced in Italy.
active in the sector for more than 20 years.
we sell passion.
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passion and love for beauty
My grandfather already worked with fabrics, he was a tailor and I got my passion from him.
Over the years we have always tried to give not only the best in terms of quality and research of fabrics, but also as a dream.
it is my opinion that fabrics must make those who buy them dream.
welcome to my shop
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Tempo di elaborazione
The time to prepare an order to be ready for shipping varies according to the product and the number of pieces ordered.
You can check individual listings for more details.
Returns & Exchanges
Resi e cambi
This too varies according to the products and number of pieces ordered.
See individual listings to know more.
30 days
we take back the goods or exchange them within 30 days.
Privacy Policy
Customers need to provide their contact information for shipping and billing.
I would only use this information for commercial purposes like

-To let you know any and every details regarding your order
-To complete your order
-For legal purposes (e.g. payment of taxes)
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