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Chains, the versatile jewellery

Chains are probably the most worn jewellery item. It is such because they can be worn anywhere and in any occasion. Also they can be coupled with riveting pendants to bring out the glamour quotient. You can change and experiment various styles and designs to go with your personality as well as wardrobe.  Chains are of various lengths, patterns, designs and thickness. Five most prominent chain designs are:

Ball chain: Tiny bead like balls linked together in a chain a little apart from one another forms the ball chain.

Rolo chain: They are linked by mostly round and similar pattern in an easy and fluctuating sequence. This type is looks simple and elegant and also lasts long.

Figaro chain: This chain generally has two or three small circular or square links followed by a bigger oval or rectangular pattern.

Snake chain: Made from a link other than the conventional patterns, this chain is also known as Brazilian chain. It has a square or round cross section and is very compact. It produces a zig zag look and a chain that is quite flexible.

Cable chain: It is made up of oval or round links of equal size. It is very popular and can easily be worn with a charm or pendant as well as can look simple when you want it to be.

Handcrafted chains of wide variety created by artisans from around the world are available with us at Its Handicraft. We have no middlemen and the creators of these items themselves come here to sell their products directly to buyers like you. Authentic handcrafted designs and affordable prices make us one of the most loved and popular destinations for online shoppers.

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