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Embroidery and skill personified

Appliqué work generally means a specialized technique of needlework where patterns and designs are created by stitching in smaller pieces of fabric to a bigger piece which might have color or texture which is in contrast to the smaller piece. It also means any work applied or laid into a different material. Not only in clothes or textiles they are now also done in ceramics and various similar decorative elements. Decorating homes with appliqué work give an altogether different dimension to any interior planning.

A collection to woo your taste buds

Its handicraft is your ultimate destination for everything handcrafted. Creations from around the world find their home here. The best thing about Its Handicraft is that we have completely eliminated the middlemen from all dealings and therefore, artisans from around the world come here personally to sell their creations to customers like you at the most reasonable prices. The appliqué work done by them represent the skill, culture and craftsmanship of their respective regions in all its glory. Various item of interior decoration such as cushions, rugs, ceramics even various types of bags and handbags have truly amazing appliqué work done on them which you will absolutely love.

Choose from our classy selection and get singled out from the crowd.

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