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The customized buttons used to close the shirt cuffs are the cufflinks. They are fashionable alternatives to the regular buttons that come sewed with shirts. Mostly, they are kept separate that is, they are not permanently attached. If it is sewed into the shirt it becomes a button but if it remains completely detachable, it becomes a cufflink.

16th century France is regarded as the creators of the first cufflink. Only the royalty, nobility and high class people were allowed to wear them. Now they can be worn by anyone who prefers style with class and finesse. Few popular types of cufflinks are:

Ball returns: They have an arched post with a tiny but heavy ball placed just opposite the main ornamental head. Their fastening is neither too tight nor too loose.

Knot: They are created by connecting two decorative knots (also called heads) by a flexible and soft cord, usually silk rather than metal. The knot work leads to rough surface which makes for quite nice casual look especially with multiple colors.

Stud or button: They have a big ornamental head linked to a smaller head or backing by a straight post. The smaller head can be inclined to go through the buttonhole, then can be straightened out to secure the cufflink in its place. They sit tight and do not have loose moving parts which makes them quite durable.

Locking dual action cufflinks: Their hinge technique is very similar to the closure of a metal wristwatch band. The post itself is the hinge, it sways to open and the smaller head is put through the opening and the hinge swings shut taking the sides of the cuff with it. It is one of the most popular and secure cufflinks available.

Whale back: As the name suggests, this sort of cufflink has a head which is flat, a straight post and its end part resembles a whale’s tail. Their big post and easy mechanism make them quite simple to use. It is probably the most common cufflink.

Bullet back: Quite the whale back one, this cufflink has a post which is hollow and has a thin metallic cylinder for closure. The cylinder is flicked outward, with the frame and post in place.

Chain link: It has a chain connecting two heads of equal size and similar styles. The fastening is little loose and the design is visible on both sides of the shut buttonhole.

A varied collection of beautiful handcrafted cufflinks are available at Its Handicraft. We do not have any middleman and therefore the artisans themselves come here to sell their products to the customers. Browse our range and get class mixed with exotic flair.

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