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A gem for the incredible you

Neck adornments have always been one of the most popular and oldest jewellery that women sport. Pendants are different from regular necklaces. A pendant is a small piece of precious stone or jewellery that can be dangled from neck chains or other jewellery items like earrings, brooches, bracelets or anklets. It is generally made to be detachable so that it can be used with multiple jewellery pieces and is created from precious stones either as a single piece or a series of pieces tied together to form a chain. Also they are created with gold, silver, platinum and other metals designed elaborately. Such creations look stunning and they blend very well with both traditional and modern attires.

Variety and quality brought together

Its Handicraft is the home to a great variety of products exclusively handcrafted from all over the world. Pendants of sizzling colors, deigns, shapes and sizes that have been created by artisans from around the world find their home here. The best part about shopping at Its Handicraft is that we have no middlemen and you can buy directly from the artisans who create these unique products. That is why most of the products here are authentic and one of a kind. Also what will please you all the more are the prices of these pendants. We understand how much you love wearing these rare creations and so we have brought down their prices considerably so that you can have your fill!!

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