About ItsHandicraft


Itshandicraft.com is a unique marketplace where buyers and sellers, who are the artisans themselves, come together to trade handcrafted products within retail ( B2C) or wholesale (B2B) customer base. Also, Itshandicraft website has specially developed tools to reduce language or currency barrier between artisans & customer, which is helping Artisan’s & traders even from the remote corners of the world to sell their creations to anyone, anywhere. 

Our teams personally visit the artisans, traders and manufacturers who are at the top of the whole chain of manufacturing and buying and assess their creations and situations ourselves. We have our own offices in countries like India, Nepal, Turkey, Bangladesh and quite a few upcoming offices in various other countries. The majority of artisans of the developing countries are incredibly talented but their social situation, technical knowhow and lack of time force them to look away from online shopping sites and sell their creations to traders and middlemen who buy from them with the least amount possible and sell at the highest amount possible and dividing this unethical profit between themselves and the selling platforms. This is very unprofitable to both artisans and the customers.

We believe in Fair Trade, hence Made to Order feature has been implemented keeping in mind that poor artisans require time and material in hand before they start making things as per requirement.

  • How Made to Order works?

Made to Order is a very special feature of our wholesale business. Through this the buyer can order as much amount of an item as he needs even if the seller does not have the whole amount listed at present. The buyer and seller both can negotiate an acceptable time frame which would allow the seller to get hold of the materials and create the extra items and ship them to the buyer.


Transparent negotiation between Retailer and Wholesaler through our feature ‘ Make an Offer’

  • What is Make an Offer?

Normally while browsing the buyer might come upon a product which he really likes but you cannot buy it because the price may not seem competitive enough as per his customer base. Make an offer tool helps him to propose a more reasonable rate to the artisan (seller) so that he can buy the product. If the proposed rate is too low the artisan reserves the right to decline the offer.

Counter Offer: If the price suggested by you seems too low for the artisan he can propose a different price. Suppose the wholesaler proposes no cut in the original price but free shipping. If it does not appeal to the buyer, he can propose another offer like a little hike in the price from his original bid and a small percentage for shipping. Now if both parties agree the deal can be reached. 

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